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We, Team Solarium, are a group of engineering students from the Pimpri Chinchwad college of Engineering, (PCCoE) Pune, India. We design and manufacture Solar Electric Vehicles to compete in Asia's largest Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC). We aspire to innovate in the field of solar energy and take our racing innovations to a commercial application in order to promote and support a greener future for the betterment of the environment.

At Team Solarium, we strongly believe that Solar Energy is the next step in building a sustainable future. By taking on the challenge of creating a light and efficient solar-electric vehicle, we want to showcase its possibilities. It is a wonderful opportunity for us, students, to attain hands-on experience and it also teaches us how to make an engineering design function in a way that books never can. Our team aims also to educate the next generation of young, environmentally-minded engineers and business leaders about entering the workforce. We actively promote clean energy awareness and education, essential pursuits in striving towards a cleaner future.


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Vehicles around the world are set for a paradigm shift with the advent of electric vehicles and the search for clean energy. We believe that the blend of upcoming technology with renewable energy solutions is the way forward. We work to inculcate the latest designs, innovations and invents new methods to improve the efficiency of vehicles. Team Solarium believes that it can surely bring a wave in the current engine-based systems.

We started out as a team of young engineers in 2016 with our very first creation, Invictus 1.0 and today, we are a team of 30+ members strong having built 5 Solar Electric Vehicles which have bagged several awards at various competitions. We are also, the second team in India to have incorporated the carbon fiber monocoque chassis in our vehicle and manufactured a completely autonomous (driverless) vehicle. The journey of our team through these years has been all about enhancing our skills and being better than yesterday.

Team timeline

our journey

The team was first formed in August 2016 as a group of young engineers were on a journey to manufacture the very first solar electric vehicle of PCCoE motorsports, Invictus 1.0. For the very first time, Invictus 1.0 participated in the National Solar Vehicle Championship, Gujarat in March 2017 wherein, it stood in the 3rd position in the whole country and bagged several awards. Subsequently, the Invictus 2.0 was manufactured in 2017 with a novel, carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the second team in India to do so. Invictus 2.0 participated in the ESVC for the first time in 2018 and stood 2nd in the continent. It also bagged awards such as the best design award for the second time.

The Invictus 3.0 was the third vehicle manufactured in 2018. It was also a carbon fiber monocoque that customized brake calipers, semi-automatic gear shifting and DAQ (Data Acquisition) system which enabled data to be viewed in real-time. In the same year, we also designed and manufactured a four-seater passenger solar vehicle for in-campus mobility which was completely funded by Dassault Systèmes. In our latest creation, Invictus 3.1, we have developed a completely autonomous (driverless) vehicle with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis having features like automatic electronic gear shifting and a carbon fiber battery box. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus outbreak and the following lockdown period in India, we could not take part in ESVC 2020.

our mission

Every two years, for the past 32 years, the World Solar Challenge, Australia has welcomed the greatest minds from around the world to the great outback to challenge the norms and travel the outback in a vehicle powered only by the power of the sun. The race starts from Darwin, the Northern-most part of Australia, and ends at Adelaide, the Southern-most part of Australia. The 3022 km journey tests the vehicle to its limits, with gushing winds and extreme temperatures. We wish to represent India at this prestigious event and bring home the World Solar Cup one day.