THe leaders

Team Solarium has had plenty of leaders throughout its history. We would not have reached where we are today if it wasn't for the brave and bold decisions taken by them. The leaders have kept the team together by motivating, delegating responsibilities and helping the team members during the ups and downs along the way. Their clear vision allowed the team members to innovate and bring new ideas onto the table with which we were able to win a plethora of awards.

They had all the necessary ingredients to become good leaders; the ability to connect with people, the management of the team, achieving the team’s goals and also being able to touch other team members. But the biggest challenge leadership faces today is in dealing with the relentless change. Our leaders have shown day after day, that they strive to reach the maximum potential by always learning and expanding so that the team members are doing the very best in a consistent way. This brings out the best performance and improves the efficiency of the team.