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Bolt from the Blue - By Peter Sabu

Life & Engineering was going as simple as it could. The twist in the plot began when I got to know about this upcoming team selection who were going to create a Solar Powered Electric Vehicle and got selected to be a part of this journey. When it began, it was just 30 individual members who hardly knew about each other but one thing that everyone had in common was the passion to work towards a common goal. The hard part was that we had to form a team, learn about the basic literature and submit a vehicle design report within a month. The Task was indeed Mammoth but the passion was even bigger.

We not only completed the task within the stipulated time but also won the Virtual Round in our very first attempt. Similarly, Team Solarium was known as a team who would take risks no matter how difficult it is, whether going for a Carbon- Fiber Monocoque Chassis in just the second year of the team, manufacturing our own electronically actuated automatic gear box and being successful at designing, manufacturing and implement a single piston floating caliper and many more.

From being selected into the first team to being one of the managing members in the team, I couldn't be more proud of the growth that Team Solarium has achieved. There has been a lot of ups and downs in our journey, but it never stopped us from growing more, never kept us back. It was this constant desire to win everything, every time, that never let our energy go down. The one important life lesson that I learnt from this team was to NEVER GIVE UP!

I'm pretty damn sure that in the upcoming years My team will be one who will be bringing the revolution in the Solar- Car Tech and also will be the one who will win it all, wherever they go or in one word they will be 'INVICTUS'.

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