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The spark within me - By Rushikesh Uttarwar

It was something which had ignited within. It kept me working and working. I was a part of the Invictus 3.0 but it was our life during that period. All the team members were fully passionate and dedicated towards our common goal of winning.

Initially, I was clueless about electric vehicles so was not dedicated fully but when the nights started, I started to enjoy it very much. Then the pre-virtual arrived and everything was going good but on one day when I was going to the room after college, one of my colleagues asked me why I was leaving the college when I supposed to be in IC. The conversation that followed was a turning point. From that minute I got to know the meaning of dedication i.e. don't stop until your dream is achieved. From then, for 24×7 my mind was into our vehicle. There were a few dreams for me and it made me realize quote from Ar. APJ Abdul Kalam, "Dreams are not that you see in sleep, dreams are something that does not let you sleep."

The whole team was following the 3D mantra which was 1.Dream it 2.Decide it 3.Dedicate to it. We dream to win, we decide to work for it and we selflessly dedicated to it. As a result we were the The Best Design awardee along with an overall 4th position. More than just gaining knowledge, the understanding and the positive approach and willingness of working was inculcated into minds. The ability to face failure and overcoming it by staying patience was one more outcome of the journey.

Every person in the team has really inspired me a lot and we were there for each other every moment. The day-night working, working on an empty stomach and sleepless nights was so easy for us due the team. The life-long lessons that were given in the team, will stick in our minds forever. The God Modi, Jayesh dada, Arun sir and all other seniors really made us dream and supported us to make it happen.

Even now when we here or see anything about Team Solarium, we feel proud rather it blow our minds. Wishing the entire team good wishes and it's always peaceful to see the team achieve greater goals. Kudo's to team.

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