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Each year, Dassault Systemes collaborates with an organization. This year they decides to work with Team Solarium to build a passenger vehicle that could be used as an in-campus utility for our college. The passenger vehicle is an inspiration of Invictus 1.0 and its design is based on Invictus 1.0.

It was manufactured by having an ergonomic design to allow the campus faculty to use it with ease. The aesthetically pleasing design also holds real-time data telemetry which allows live data to be monitored in a 7-inch display in the vehicle. To charge the passenger vehicle at a faster rate, we have built our own solar charging station. This was also done to increase awareness and promote green energy so that we can inspire the future generation.

Key features

Weight: 254 Kg

Passenger capacity: 1 + 4

Wheels: 4 Wheels

Motor type: Brushless DC Motor

Battery type: Lead-acid Battery

Charging time: 7-8 hours

Mileage: 30 km/charge

Wheelbase: 2210 mm

Wheel track: 2054 mm

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